More Than Just a Patio

Bring the comfort and style of your interior spaces into your backyard to create the perfect outdoor oasis

Imagine leaning back into your chic, comfortable recliner, putting your feet up and watching the big game. Now imagine tying the apron around your waist, sautéing fresh seasonal vegetables while chatting with friends and family over glasses of rosé. Did either of those settings take place on a gorgeously designed back patio? In Colorado, these scenes are more desirable—and feasible—than ever.

In the past 10 years, the lifestyle of a Coloradan homeowner has shifted. People are spending more time outdoors and are hoping to bring the comfort and style of their interior spaces into their backyards.

Thankfully, the latest outdoor furniture and product designs have kept up with these social trends, and Colorado designers are more apt than ever to make sure your outdoor space is more than just a patio.

Before you design the perfect outdoor oasis, make sure it’s the perfect one for you. A well-designed outdoor space should have your lifestyle in mind. Ask yourself questions like, “How will I be using the space?” For example, is dining more important than lounging? Perhaps you want both! How many people do you want to seat? What is your entertaining style?  

Pictures and measurements also make it easier for designers to bring your vision to life. Make sure to spend plenty of time and energy on this phase of the process. At the end of the day, you want to create a retreat tailored to you, whether your style is tranquil and beautiful, bold and modern, or full of energy and personality.

Mosaic tabletop

The patio provides additional square footage that can be treated just like an interior space—and the sky’s the limit. With the weather we have in Colorado, people are creating spaces they can use all year long; they’re replicating their kitchens, dining rooms and living rooms outside. You’ll want to make sure to piece these spaces together thoughtfully.

Find products proven to withstand the unique Colorado weather; fully upholstered outdoor sofas, chairs and other furniture can look like they’re meant to stay indoors even though they’re built to face the elements. This elevates the look of your outdoor design from “typical patio furniture” to a true extension of your interiors.

Outdoor pillows

Now take your patio to the next level. Pieces like lamps, rugs or artwork can complete a space while also adding your personality and sense of style.

Keep this in mind: Style is important, but cohesive style is nonnegotiable. You want to make sure there is an intuitive transition from the indoor spaces to the patio space. With multiple patios, there should be a natural flow between them, too. That way, your outdoor spaces are not only a retreat from a long day but also an extension (and celebration!) of your style and interests.

Janna Jacobs is the owner of VerandaBlue, a Lone Tree patio furniture and design company dedicated to building the perfect patio surrounding, with all of the elements blending harmoniously. You can contact Janna at 303.799.9339.

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