Meet the Owner of Renowned Denver Textile and Rug Store Integral Thread

Integral Thread offers next-level floor coverings that reflect a deep connection to community and nature
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The passionate team at Integral Thread are inspired by each other’s creativity and by nature. This synergy leads to beautiful and unique designs that they share with their clients. | Photography by Katy Jo Caringer & Carolyn Jamie

Take one step into Integral Thread at Denver Design Center and you embark upon a global journey to exotic locales. Hanging prominently in the impressive showroom are premium handmade rugs, each telling a story of the rich culture and history from where it originated. Guiding you on your path to finding the perfect piece is the knowledgeable team at Integral Thread. Store owner Stephanie Holmes tells us about the showroom and the natural, organic luxe pieces that effortlessly ground a room.

Tell us about Integral Thread.

Integral Thread was established in December 2020. Our mission is to create and curate bespoke handmade rugs and textiles from natural materials that are ethically sourced and sustainable so that our clients can enjoy them for years to come.

How did the showroom come to be?

I came to visit a friend in Denver and ended up falling in love with Colorado, and my husband. I started doing outside sales to designers in Denver and the surrounding suburbs to see if it was a viable location for a rug showroom. After a year and half of schlepping rugs to firms, I decided it was time to open up shop.

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The company offers pieces outside of the Integral Thread collection, including Battilossi, designed in Italy and woven in Kathmandu and Lahore, Knots Rugs, designed in London and woven in Nepal, and Lapchi, designed in Chicago and Portland and woven in Nepal and Pakistan.

Do you have a favorite floor covering?

Where do I start? I have a white Wacaya alpaca in my main bedroom, and it is heavenly to wake up with that under your feet.

Tell us about the Integral Thread team.

I don’t even have words. I am so lucky to have Stacie, Sarah and Layne in my life, both in business and on a personal level. Though we all have unique personality traits, we were cut from the same cloth. To have the privilege of working with your friends and family is a blessing that I never dreamed I would get to experience.

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“Our non-dyed collection is one of my favorite series because it is so natural and soft,” says Holmes. “Because the wool has no dyes, it has a stunning natural striation and is the most organic rug you can find.”

Where do you source your rugs?

We work with weaving facilities all over the world. The largest percentage of our rugs are woven in India, but we also work with Nepal, Peru, Italy, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Turkey. We design and carry only handmade rugs in the showroom. There are a variety of weaves that we utilize, so I don’t always use the term “hand-knotted,” but the majority of our pieces are of the hand-knotted variety. We use natural materials and consider our rugs “organic” because we don’t use chemical backing or synthetic fibers.

What is the current trend in rugs?

We are seeing irregular shapes, bolder, large geometric designs with art deco notes, more texture and still quite a bit of “tribal” or “modern mountain” vibes. A classic trend that never goes away is simple plains. Those are classic styles that stand the test of time, and we always have requests for them.

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“We have seen a lot of pattern mixing,” says Holmes. “People are drawn to more depth and layering of various designs within one rug.”

What should a customer consider when purchasing a rug?

Material, application, size and patience! You want to make sure you select the proper materials for your room. Certain fibers are best for certain areas.

Do you give back to the community/international communities?

Yes! One of our goals is to use our success, outreach and profits to give back to our local community, our international and weaving communities and our charitable partners. Our mission is to serve and inspire our community with empathy, integrity and creativity so that we can offer a positive contribution to the environment and all of those around us.

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