Meet the Cherry Creek Arts Festival 2015 Poster Artist

The Cherry Creek Arts Festival's commemorative poster for 2015 depicts a contemporary landscape painting entitled "As It Was In 1915," created by Denver-based artist Kelly Schurger. 

When Kelly chose landscapes as the subject of her work, she knew she had a challenge ahead of her to set her work apart from others’. Since beginning her career as a landscape painter, her work has undergone several stylistic transformations. She found her niche combining contemporary with realism to give her landscapes a unique feel. Her paintings do not address any specific art theory or opinion. They simply represent her interpretation and experiences of being in the wilderness.

Take a look at some of Kelly's work:

Each painting is inspired by a variety of subjects, such as a single cloud to the great Rocky Mountains. She says she thinks that so often people miss some of the more simplistic beauty that surrounds us…the way the clouds hug the mountains, or the multitude of colors in a mountain stream. When looking at her work, she wants people to be reminded of a place they've been to. Keeping each piece simple allows the viewer to use their memory and imagination to make it their own.

To view more of Kelly's pieces, and the works of 249 other renowned artists, attend the 25th anniversary Cherry Creek Arts Festival July 3, 4 and 5. Celebrate imagination and artistry with the Cherry Creek Arts Festival on social media using #cherryarts.

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