Meet Glassblower and Business Owner Ben Belgrad

Invigorating the Vail Valley art scene with drinking vessels

Highpoints Glasses

Whoever said cups can’t be art? Certainly not Ben Belgrad, a glassblower and business owner who is invigorating the Vail Valley art scene with Drinking Vessels, a new-age marketplace devoted to uniquely talented glassblowers and their handmade artisan drinkware. With a funky, cluttered artistic hub called Bat Country Studio in Minturn (located between Vail and Beaver Creek), Belgrad’s studio is a home to the underground glassblowing art world, most of whom are dedicated to the arduous work of borosilicate (scientific-grade) glassmaking. Different than soft or furnace glass (used in commercial glassware), this method requires a higher temperature to melt, thus allowing for more detailed work.

The resulting creations are funky, imaginative and fantastically weird, ranging in themes from fruit to feathers to Missoni-inspired cups (although there are also more traditional pieces for those who want something more muted). Prices range from $50 for a glass to $10,000 for collectors’ items. Visit to book an appointment or find out about upcoming pop-up shows.

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