Making a Home a Sanctuary With Interior Designer Lisa Kanning

Collaboration brings the beauty of nature to interior spaces

Photos courtesy Hartmann & Forbes

Designer Lisa Kanning grew up on a ranch in Montana and learned to appreciate nature’s beauty during childhood. She says her aesthetic “took some time to come to fruition” as she experimented with and nurtured her talent for creating “designs that layer rich organic materials to create unique textures with visual interest.” A Colorado resident for over 20 years, Kanning found much of her inspiration in the Rocky Mountains. “I’ve lived in Brooklyn for about 10 years—but I’ll always call Colorado home,” she explains.


Working on the premise that interiors should, in part, reflect a home’s location, Kanning mixes materials thoughtfully to capture the surroundings of an abode’s geographical location. Her wallcovering designs contain intricate layers giving them depth and warmth. She incorporates metallics, stitching and natural materials like grass cloth and cork to design a signature look that recreates the patterns of nature on a larger scale. “Texture and light create the intentional interest and focus,” she says.



Spending time outdoors on her bicycle during the pandemic lockdown gave Kanning time to concentrate, observe and gather inspiration for her new designs. Then, she began her collaboration with Hartmann & Forbes. “I noticed how many Sycamore trees there were in Central Park,” she says. “That stoked a desire to recreate the pattern and inspired the Sycamore design in the collection.”


The Lisa Kanning Collection by Hartmann & Forbes infuses organically composed textiles into interior spaces to create a restorative human experience. Nature-inspired, earthy tones and texturally nuanced designs are a handwoven investment for the home. The designs work equally well in sophisticated interiors and mountain modern designs. Kanning likes to pair textiles with reclaimed wood and steel to arrange layers observed in sequence. “Little details give a room personality, and they allow the dialing-in of a specialty focus,” she notes.


Kanning says her collaboration with Hartmann & Forbes is a natural fit. Known for meticulous attention to detail, the company uses natural fibers as the basis of its artistic medium. Sustainable, renewable and grown in well-managed ecosystems, fibers are hand-picked for color, texture and subtle variegations. The brand’s passion for an honest reinterpretation of natural beauty fuels the evolution of its design collections.


A deep appreciation for nature—and the desire to protect it— is a common goal driving the collaboration between Kanning and Hartmann & Forbes. This commonality is key to their devotion to designing and delivering products composed of sustainable materials. Thoughtfully cultivated and rearranged, these wall and window coverings aim to create sanctuary through natural design.

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