Kitchen Trends for the Holiday Season

With the kids finally back at school, you're free to begin thinking about freshening up your home for the upcoming holiday season

The summer is winding down, and with the kids finally back at school, you are now free to begin thinking about freshening up your home for the upcoming holiday season. These trends will give you an idea of just a few things kitchen designers all over the country are including in their award winning designs.


Neutral colors in the kitchen is nothing new, but there has been a recent increase in bold colors making their way onto the palate as well. Using a neutral base allows for endless creativity and customization with bold colors, or rustic/reclaimed accents, which lends personality to your space. These pops of character can really set your kitchen apart from the rest.


With technology progressing as it is, it was only a matter of time before your kitchen became another hotspot for cutting edge technology. For instance, Dacor’s Discovery iQ Range now gives you a fully integrated touch screen that will sync with a mobile app to help you monitor your oven temperature, as well as track whatever is cooking—even sending text messages to the family when dinner is ready. This, coupled with all of the traditional features of a hi-tech kitchen range gives you the ultimate in ease of use and controllability.


Coffee has almost always been a staple in the kitchen. Recently however, a coffee renaissance of sorts has been occurring. French press, percolator, cold brew, and fully automated machines are now all options for your morning cup of Joe. Consider looking at the Scanomat TopBrewer for a sleek and hi-tech fully automated coffee system that is sure to wow at your next brunch get together.

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