How to Choose an Entry Door to Complement Your Home’s Style

An entryway is oftentimes the focal point of a home, and a bold entry door can welcome guests and add curb appeal. It’s important to choose an entry door that complements your home’s style as well as your personality. Whether you have a cottage, traditional, craftsman or modern-style home, look for the right entry door for your space.


Choose a fresh color for your cottage-style entry door to help add interest and personality, or complement the trim color of your home for a more consistent look. When choosing an entry door for your cottage-style home, look for wood doors, or fiberglass doors that imitate the look of wood to help keep consistent with classic style.


Traditional homes combine elegance with timeless features and accents. These homes often feature solid wood entry doors with bold hardware and rich colors. Look for a paneled wood door to complement your traditional home’s classic look.


Rich wood can bring out the artistic craft in this home style. These homes can feature wood entry doors with glass at the top third of the door. This “craftsman light” glass is a signature feature of the craftsman door— letting natural light into your home while adding a distinctive look.  


Natural light and open, airy spaces are key features of a modern home. Look for a full light steel or fiberglass entry door, which can feature glass paneling from top to bottom to add to this home’s clean and functional look.


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