Homes You Can Shop

Plus find out how your purchase benefits local makers during this time of uncertainty
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Photography by Ian Warren, courtesy of Guest House

In 2016, the founders of Guest House opened a retail store in their own Denver home, swapping their own furnishings and accessories for those from local makers. “We realized it’s easier to buy furniture and goods when you can see them in a real house.” Today, Guest House works with real estate companies to stage beautiful homes with furniture, art and goods from local makers.

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“We’re passionate about helping people furnish their homes with products made in our community. So we work hard to curate local makers and brands we believe in.”

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When you buy a product from Guest House, you’re investing in the community. That means the cutting board, chair, pillow or candle you purchase directly impacts the livelihoods of real people across Colorado.

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From April 1st to June 1st, Guest House is putting the needs of the community at the center of the business, giving 100% of profits directly to the maker. Through their email campaigns and Instagram channel, Guest House will tell the stories of the incredible humans making products in Denver, Boulder, Fort Collins and Colorado Springs.



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