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What's in our newest issue + a few things our Editor is loving

Celebration season begins, and in response we like to fill these pages with warm and cozy spaces, family gathering spots, and a multitude of gifts made or designed by locals. We also present our annual Fabulous List, honoring architects, designers, builders and landscapers whose work has appeared in our magazine over the past two years. A heartfelt thanks to all. Your contributions are what make this magazine a showplace of Colorado design.

The local talent celebration continues with Silverthorne blogger extraordinaire Tieghan Gerard, who at 26 is about to launch her second cookbook, Half Baked Harvest Super Simple. Gerard’s Half Baked Harvest site has close to a million followers. The sweet and humble self-taught cook offers up daily recipes, stunningly photographed­—created, shot and arranged by her— as well as easy-to-follow instructions. The fourth of six siblings has two barns on her parents’ property.

We covered the completion of the first, which was a living/working space, but with the exponential growth of her brand, she needed more room for production. We present barn No. 2. And frankly, we’ll jump at any reason to spend time with the inspirational Gerard family.  Thank you, Jen, Conrad and Asher for showering us with love, fun and sleepovers!


Uno of a Kind

Artist Jean-Michel Basquiat created striking works that blended interpretations of his gritty New York City existence (he was homeless for a time), with flavors of his Haitian and Puerto Rican background. Basquiat’s pieces form a visual language of cultural commentary. Though he died of a heroin overdose at 27, his work continues to thrive (a recent auction of a 1982 work garnered $110 million) and inspire.

This UNO Artiste Series No. 1 ($14.99 at specialty retailers) pays tribute to his work with drawings on every card (112 in all, with a bonus of four double-sided “Artiste Extra” cards that come together to form a whole painting). 

For the Birds

Denver-based high-school junior Ian Redfield is a bird guy. He loves watching them, photographing them and researching them. He’s also an artist. So he decided to do something positive for the planet by merging his love of birds with his drawing skills, to create “art to stop extinction.”

Photo by Emily Minton Redfield

A set of 10 cards (five bird drawings with two of each) is $12, with all profits going to the World Wildlife Fund. Each set is printed on linen stock and comes with a thank-you note from Ian. forthebirds.world 

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