Hall of Excellence

CH&L’s 2022 celebration of Colorado’s outstanding design leaders

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Colorado Homes & Lifestyles created the Circle of Excellence to acknowledge the talented community who continue to raise the bar on innovative design in Colorado. This year, we are creating our first-ever Hall of Excellence as a tribute to these individuals who were awarded a Circle of Excellence Award during the past five years.

“The idea for this tribute came when we realized how many stories these design leaders have contributed to in the pages of Colorado Homes & Lifestyles,” says assistant editor Richa Mitchell, who spearheaded the list. “We think this section will be a service to our readers to see the breadth of talent in Colorado.”

The list has been organized by location and then by profession; Architects, Interior Designers, Kitchen Designers and Landscape Architects. In addition, we’ve included a list of CH&L stories in which their work appeared from 2017 through the January/February 2022 issue.

Hall Of Excellence 2022
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