Give Us This Day Our Daily Soak

I’m a shower girl. And my favorite of all time was the one my dad and my older brother Stuart built in the backyard of our house on the Jersey Shore. It was basically a rectangular box constructed from two-by-fours with shingles that matched the sandy color of the house. It had a small bench on one side, a rickety showerhead on the other, great pressure (as long as the kitchen sink wasn’t in use) and open sky above. It was significantly less expensive than any of the amazing bathrooms you’ll find in our interview with bathroom design maven Barbara Sallick and in 8 Truly Enviable Bathrooms from our 2017 Bathroom Issue.

Photo by David Patterson

But I have to say, our low-tech shower succeeded in the same way—creating an experience that transcended daily ablution. Something about washing under that big sky made me truly feel the expanse of life and the beautiful way in which water can ease the soul into relaxation and an appreciation for the moment.

Atmosphere No. 46 by Ian Fisher

Many of us come to Colorado for a similar connection to the outdoors, the wide-open sky and the way the light changes, creating backdrops that inspire contemplation and awe. Maybe that’s why we are so taken with the paintings of Ian Fisher. Ian discovered his fascination with the heavens while studying art at the University of Colorado, and he’s never stopped looking at and painting what’s up there.

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