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Dream Dinners’ Potato & Rosemary Crusted Salmon
Click here for a printable recipe
where to go when you’re on the goDenver Area

Dream Dinners’ Potato & Rosemary Crusted Salmon
Click here for a printable recipe
where to go when you’re on the goDenver Area
Dream Dinners
Denver, (303) 722-1242

My Girlfriend’s Kitchen
Lone Tree, (303) 925-0505

Entrée Vous
Castle Rock, (720) 733-3719

What About Dinner?
Monument, (719) 488-8233

Dinner N’ Dash
Pueblo, (719) 543-0145

The Dinner Fork
Fort Collins, (970) 482-5331

Contemporary Cook
Greeley, (970) 356-3425

Supper Made Simple
Loveland, (970) 663-9262

Simply Homemade Dinners
Westminster, (303) DINNER4U

Meals Made Magical
Copper Mountain, (970) 744-9319

Supper Solutions
Evergreen, (303) 670-8942
suppersolutionsinc.comEven if you’re planning a major kitchen remodel, you don’t have to break your New Year’s resolution to eat healthy, home-cooked food. The hottest trend during kitchen renovation is to sign up at retail outlets that help you prepare food that can be easily frozen, then put together in a snap for nutritional and tasty meals. Some stores prepare meals for you to pick up, while others can deliver them right to your door. “We have a number of customers who are remodeling their kitchens who come in and grab available meals from our freezer,” says Beckie Hemmerling, co-owner of The Organic Dish in Boulder.

Colorado prepared-meal companies such as Dinner N’Dash, Supper Solutions and Dream Dinners can help make harried mealtimes healthier and simpler. “I got into this business because I was frustrated hearing kids talk about not sitting down to a family dinner because their parents were too busy or did not have adequate supplies to prepare a healthy meal,” says Andre Bachelet, owner of the Denver Dream Dinners franchise. A retired school teacher, captain of the U.S. Rugby Team and father, Bachelet knows the importance of a well-rounded meal—not only for children, but for adults as well. “Our executive chef works with our nutritionist to plan the meal selections,” Bachelet adds. “They are pre-tasted by our panel of both children and adults who discern flavors, and decide whether the freezing element changed the taste and how easily the meals are to assemble at home.”

The majority of these meal-preparation concept stores allow customers to prepare—in one visit—nutritious meals to heat up easily at home. Visitors simply log onto the store’s website and pick their favorite meals from that month’s menu. Then they choose a time that best fits their schedules and show up with a bottle of wine to enjoy while preparing a month’s worth of food.

These services cost anywhere between $3 and $5 per serving, which means you can put all the money you save by not eating out every night into upgrading kitchen countertops or appliances. A few extra dollars can even guarantee an organic dinner. The Organic Dish in Boulder averages $6 to $8 per gourmet serving. “We use local ingredients whenever possible, and work closely with local farmers, ranchers and producers such as Wisdom’s Natural Poultry from Haxton, Red Wagon Organic Farm from Boulder, Full Circle Farm in Longmont and Morton’s Orchards in Palisade,” Hemmerling says.

A one-to-two-hour cooking session per month will also cut down on unhealthy last-minute choices for dinner. “More than 60 percent of our dinners are under 350 calories and average only six to eight grams of fat,” Bachelet of Dream Dinners notes.

So banish the microwave and the take-out cartons. These healthy, pre-cooked meals will help ease the stress of a torn-up kitchen during construction, and will keep you and your loved ones hale and well-fed in the New Year.
Comes in Organic, tooThe Organic Dish in Boulder offers organic meal preparation services in two categories: do-it-yourself or pre-assembled meals. For an extra fee, you can have your meals delivered to your home.

The Organic Dish
(303) 485-5091

Meals from Ceres’ Kitchen are made with  natural meats, gluten-free products and organic produce. Entrées designed by a nutritional expert not only provide delicious dishes for your family, but also save you time. Ceres’ assembles the food; you simply pick up the meal and cook it at home or freeze for later use. Ceres’ Kitchen also ships nationwide.

Ceres’ Kitchen
Colorado Springs
(719) 266-8202

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