French Influences

Denver activities to help you channel your inner Francophile

It’s kind of a big deal. The Denver Art Mueseum is currently hosting the largest Claude Monet exhibit in the country for the past 25 years—and we are one of only two cities in the world to get it (the Museum Barberini in Potsdam, Germany, will host the show this spring). Best to reserve your tickets now, at, before the show departs on February 2. 

And if you really want to channel your inner Francophile, pair the exhibit with a Denver French restaurant. Le Bilboquet, an esteemed Manhattan-based French eatery, recently opened a 303 outpost at 3rd and St. Paul in Cherry Creek, and it’s divine and sumptuous, with blue-velvet banquettes, fresh-cut flowers and a cozy lounge fireplace. The menu offers a wide selection of simple, classic French-bistro fare. For a more modern take, head to Morin on 15th Street, where Denver chef Max MacKissock creates refined yet inventive dishes in a chic atmosphere. Both are great options for a post-Monet-exhibit date night.

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