Fire Features Are a Big Factor in Outdoor Living Spaces

Outdoor living spaces are one of the hottest trends in both new homes and remodels, and fire features are a big factor in that popularity. They bring warmth to an outdoor space, both emotionally and literally. Here in Colorado, an outdoor fire can add weeks to the summer season, while serving as a gathering place for friends, family and cozy afternoons. Whether designing a remodel or from the ground up, there are a number of ways to incorporate a warm, inviting fire to your outdoor space.

A fireplace wall can offer a beautiful impact to an outdoor area, and can be used as a visual divider between properties.

A freestanding fire pit is versatile and has almost limitless design possibilities. Most new construction will incorporate a natural gas line into the fire pit, while after-market propane models might include propane storage underneath the unit.

Add pizzazz to outdoor kitchen by incorporate a fireplace into the plan.

A see-through model gives twice as much visibility to the fire element; consider installing it between a dining area/patio and hot tub, or between an outdoor family room and master suite deck.

There are countless ways to customize a fire feature; modern technology eliminates the need for venting, which means a fire element can be installed in places that wouldn’t have been possible in the past. The sky is the limit as far as style—fire features can offer a traditional look, with stacked logs, a contemporary design, with steel tubs, glass beads or ceramic stones, or transitional, with something in between. Square, round, oblong and rectangular designs are all possible. 

Find your look, and gather around the fire.


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