Feel-good Technology

TOTO NEOREST 550 toilet ($5,000)

Water Systems Inc Showroom, Denver, (303) 962-4333

This dual-flush toilet lifts the lid when someone approaches, closes the lid when someone leaves and flushes automatically.
 JACUZZI  Home Spa Towel Warming Drawer ($1,550-2,000)

Tony Capra Bath House, Englewood, (303) 799-9054

The best part about this unit is that it warms the entire towel, unlike many wall-mounted towel warmers, which often heat unevenly. For a simple cold-weather treat, warm your robe, too.


Hutter Wholesale Hardware, Denver, (720) 570-4488

Half of the space in this chic cabinet is cold storage, meaning you can extend the life of your cosmetics—or just keep a beverage chilled.
KOHLER Fountainhead VibrAcoustic Bath ($10,000-15,000)

Dahl, Colorado Springs, (719) 598-6611

Wash away stress in this new ultra-luxe tub, which incorporates music, vibration and lighting to promote overall well-being. Choose from eight hues to tint the water and then select one of four original musical compositions—Solitude, Letting Go, Awakening or Transcendence. Sound waves travel through the water, an experience sure to calm your nerves.

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