Fabulous Fabricated Plants

With so many gorgeous silk foliage options to choose from, who needs a green thumb?
Protea In Acrylic

Protea and Greens in “Water” – an example of a ‘freshly cut’ look. An acrylic epoxy mimics the water.

If you love the vibrant energy greenery adds to a space but don’t have the time or inclination to care for live plants, silk foliage is the perfect solution. A far cry from the dowdy versions of decades past, fabricated plants have evolved in selection and caliber.

Purple Foxtail Resize

Purple Foxtail and Onion Grass – a fun side of faux plants when imagination meets reality. They won’t grow together naturally but have a lovely aesthetic when brought together artistically.

Today’s high-quality, life-like versions will leave even the most discerning plant aficionado hard-pressed to distinguish from the real thing. Best of all, this low maintenance option fits even the busiest of schedules!

Oversized Fiddle

Fiddle Leaf Tree – an abstract build with full, large leaves. A custom build such as this is designed to fit a space perfectly.

Why silk?

Maintaining live plants can be difficult.  Both residential and commercial spaces benefit from cost-effective savings over live plant maintenance.  Silk plants offer an easy alternative, while providing the same warmth and style of live botanicals.

Pink Orchid

Pink Phalaenopsis Orchid w/ moss – as realistic as can be, this orchid displays the vibrancy of a flower in its natural habitat.

Silk foliage comes in every variety of shape and size

Whether you’re looking for a knock-your-socks-off entryway dazzler or a tiny tabletop treasure, you can find silk foliage in just the right dimension and style to suit your needs. From colorful flowers and succulents to lush floor and shelf plants to amazingly life-like trees, the options are endless. 

Spring Wreath

Spring Wreath – with energetic and vivid hues and textures, a wreath is a fun expression of any season and mood.

Choose from the thousands of high-quality, botanically correct flower stems available to create a custom floral arrangement for any space in your home. Add small shelf plants to brighten up your built-in bookcase or a hearty floor plant to mirror the outdoors in your sunroom. Liven up your wet bar or coffee table with a stunning arrangement of bright succulents.

Red Lady Schef

Red Lady Schefflera Tree- A beautiful foliage with true color variegation of both light and deep green accented with red veins.

There are limitless options to fit any style, any space

Whether your design aesthetic trends toward traditional and classic, modern contemporary or rustic boho, there are faux foliage options to complement any space. Create a lush backdrop for video meetings in your home office by adding a stunning Red Lady Schefflera tree. Add a restful, refined air to your main bedroom with an arrangement of delicate orchids. Accent the artwork in your formal living room with a striking wreath hanging above the mantel.  A unique, one-of-a-kind abstract floral piece rounds out your kitchen nook.

Cholla Succulents Resize 3

Cholla Wood and Succulents – another example of creative fulfillment, and how different mediums can be brought together to create a true one-of-a-kind piece of art.

With so many high quality options to choose from, a colorful and warm finishing touch for your home is just a faux plant away. 

Jenna Nerantzis is a designer at Beck’s Silk Plant, a custom assembler and wholesaler offering the highest quality artificial trees, plants, and floral arrangements. View their profile or contact Jenna at 303-934-3949.

Content for this article provided by Beck’s Silk Plant.

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