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Creating your signature space

Interior design is at the heart of a remodeling or new building project. It’s all about form and function; the opportunity to showcase the furnishings, colors, finishes and images that matter to you. Working with a designer can bring professional expertise and synergy to the project, and if you choose this route, it’s important that you work with the right person. Follow these tips to get the results you are dreaming of.

Begin by putting together vision boards—collect the colors, textures, images and ideas that will eventually become the finished design. Use websites, magazines, even homes that you visit as food for thought.

Do the research to find a design partner. Find out who your local designers are and what their style is; look at their previous work, their customer reviews and interview them.

Decide on a budget. All designers are going to ask, and the clearer you are up front, the more productive the designer can be, ultimately saving you money.

Think about your timeline…know that some of the most in-demand designers may have a wait list, so take that into consideration.

Once you have chosen a person or firm to work with, take care of business:

Ask a potential designer for a letter of agreement that clearly states the expected scope of work, what type of compensation the designer has agreed to and other pertinent information. This is the beginning of open, clear communication between both parties.


Rosa Mayberry is the marketing director for the Denver Design District; over 40 showrooms featuring residential and commercial furnishings, floor coverings and window treatments, fabrics, building materials and more. Learn more about Denver Design District and their complimentary designer referral service.


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