Designing the Ralph L. Carr Colorado Judicial Center

Take a look at the 2015 Crystal Award Winner in the categories of Institutional Design and Judge's Merit Commercial

Editor's note: In the August 2015 issue of Colorado Homes & Lifestyles, we featured this year's Crystal Award Winners. In the entry for the Judge's Merit Award Winner for Institutional Design, Koplin Interiors LLC was mistakenly left off. Here is the corrected listing.

Crystal Award Winner: Institutional | Judge’s Merit Commercial

Fentress Architects and Koplin Interiors LLC

Ralph L. Carr Colorado Judicial Center

Carol Koplin, Curt Fentress, Bob Louden, Martin Eiss, Ann Marie Roy,  Charles Cannon, and Jeremy Phillips

What was the most difficult challenge of this project?

Being a highly visible project with high expectations meant that there was strong involvement by the client in almost every detailed design decision. This required the entire design and construction team to be ultra-diligent in working out details to create a seamless interface between design components.

How did you resolve it?

We used a combination of renderings, models, and full-scale mockups to describe the design to the client for their review and approval. The use of BIM [building information modeling] with the design team and the subcontractors facilitated accurate trade coordination in working out interface detailing throughout the design process.

What was your favorite aspect of this project?

Working on such a high–profile project with lofty goals was a unique opportunity. There was incredible pride of ownership, from the client to the design team to the construction trades. The teamwork displayed on this project was unparalleled and resulted in an incredibly well-executed design.


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