Custom Ski Collaboration Benefits Youth

A shared passion for the outdoors brings youth from diverse backgrounds together
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Photography courtesy Christy Sports

A speaking engagement at a golf outing brought Seth Ehrlich, Executive Director of SOS Outreach, and the CEO of Christy Sports together to discuss the SOS Outreach mission. The outcome of that meeting was a partnership between Christy Sports, Nordica and SOS Outreach to create a project that would enable past and present SOS members to explore a career pathway around designing and facilitating the creation of a custom ski. Sales proceeds of the limited-edition skis directly benefit SOS Outreach.

SOS Outreach believes every child deserves the opportunity to thrive through powerful outdoor experiences. Whether on the slopes or the trail, kids can unearth the courage to step out of their comfort zones, discover new strengths within themselves, and develop lifelong skills. By teaching youth to ski, snowboard, backpack, climb and camp—activities that many SOS kids cannot easily access—the program enables self-exploration, courage and discipline. “The power of sharing an activity together through a shared passion creates big change,” Ehrlich explains.

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Christy Sports Director of Brand Marketing, Randy England, is committed to the mission to help underrepresented kids have the chance to get outdoors, “This is one of the most unique collaborations I’ve been involved with,” he notes. “The trifecta of the partnership between SOS Outreach, Nordica and Christy Sports was the secret sauce in supporting this non-profit. It’s just a great way to help.”

Three SOS Outreach alumni and one current member helped design the skis. SOS member Delaney shares that the impacts of the program have allowed her to trust and rely on people she might never have met otherwise. “Prior to SOS, I didn’t even know snowboarding was a thing,” she says. “At this point, I don’t think there is anything that could stop me from snowboarding.” Delaney was also on the ski design team and says that the project taught her that Latinas can change the world like anyone else. “This project gave me the opportunity to raise money for the people that love and support me,” she exclaims. “I hope the folks who purchase these skis walk away with a deeper connection to SOS Outreach and understand all the good this program does.”

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The skis were unveiled at a recent SOS Outreach event, the MLK Powder Challenge, over the Martin Luther King holiday weekend. Selected size runs of the limited-edition skis are now available for purchase online at Christy Sports. England describes the skis as a “unicorn product” with the potential to make a real difference. 100 percent of the profits will directly benefit SOS Outreach.

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