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Convertible Houses by Amanda Lam and Amy Thomas (Gibbs Smith Publisher, Mastering the art of space does not always mean having a lot of it. Lam and Thomas help readers make the most of small spaces with creative design and planning. From fold-away kitchens to swiveling walls, this book focuses on getting the most life out of small living spaces. ($24.95)


The New City Home: Smart Solutions for Metro Living by Leslie Plummer Clagett (The Taunton Press, A celebration of the metropolitan environment, this book reveals the rewards and challenges of city living, as well as creative ways to design a personal oasis in the midst of urban chaos. ($24.95)

Scandinavian Modern by Magnus Englund and Chrystina Schmidt (Ryland, Peters & Small, While the Scandinavian approach to furnishings is synonymous with clean lines and pale wood, it is an extremely adaptable style to any contemporary environment. With insight into materials and concepts, as well as photographs, the comfort and functionality of the Scandinavian Modern home is beautifully illustrated. ($25.95)

The Simple Home: The Luxury of Enough by Sarah Nettleton, AIA and Frank Edgerton Martin (The Taunton Press,  As the world around us seeks more and more, simplicity at home offers soothing respite. This book introduces the concept of living happily in a simple home and shows the benefits of the "luxury of enough." ($40.00)

Urban Country Style by Elizabeth Betts Hickman and Nancy Gent (Gibbs Smith Publisher, Capturing the contrast between city style and country charm, the authors explore a new genre of easy elegance. From traditional wood to vintage pieces, country elements can fit seamlessly into a modern environment of clean lines and stainless steel, resulting in a distinct blend of design and comfort. ($29.95)

At Home With White by Atlanta Bartlett and Karena Callen (Ryland, Peters & Small, Long thought to be a symbol of stark minimalism or the product of little imagination, white now comes to the foreground of home color palettes. The authors explore varying themes such as Classic, Romantic and Modern to demonstrate how white can be a versatile and inspirational part of contemporary living. ($27.50)

Small Spaces: Making the Most of the Space You Have by Rebecca Tanqueray (Ryland, Peters & Small, The author explores the issues that stem from trying to find a place for everything in a limited space. By following these tips on dividing space, using color and storage ideas, even the smallest home can be comfortable and livable. ($19.95)

Blueprint Small: Creative Ways to Live with Less by Michelle Kodis (Gibbs Smith, Publisher, Minimal floor plans often require some creativity to transform into functional spaces. With practical solutions and stunning photography, the author illustrates the design principles that can help make small beautiful. ($24.95)

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