Bespoke Bags from Boulder

A Boulder native customizes and personalizes to transform your luxury pieces into one of a kind wearable art

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Boulder native Lauren Zavala painted her boyfriend’s leather jacket, and suddenly she had a business. “People were literally stopping us on the street, asking about it,” she remembers.

That inspired her to launch Zavala Bespoke, a custom-painting business for luxury handbags, jackets and shoes. “My whole concept is riding the gap between fine art and accessibility,” says Zavala, who has an art history degree from CU and a graduate degree in decorative arts from the University of Buckingham in London. “

Having something that’s wearable and personalized makes fine art more approachable.” Zavala’s designs lean toward pop art style, with bright colors, florals, bugs and skulls, as well as a wide variety of monograms.

Customers send her images of their item, she emails a sketch, and then once its approved, she applies a professional-grade leather paint that’s bendable to ensure longevity. The result is a one-of-a-kind work of art. Prices start at $250.

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