At Home with… Kari Foster

Kari Foster and her colleagues at Associates III wrote the book on eco-friendly interior design.

Literally. It’s called Sustainable Residential Interiors, and ­it gives designers and homeowners the scoop on how to ­create stylish green rooms. At her own home in Denver’s Washington Park, Foster embraces the same principles she advises her clients to follow. Her best advice? Live simply. She quotes William Morris: “Have nothing in your home that you do ­not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful.”

Pictured here on a recycled bench, Foster tells the story of a blacksmith who sold her the bench in the ‘70s. “It was his first artistic endeavor, and it had been inspired by a broken café tabletop which he crafted into whimsical seating. He was asking $150 and I offered $200, and it has graced my front entry ever since.” But for Foster, the really enjoyable things in life are ­people “who care about doing what’s right.” No doubt Foster has inspired good people to do good work. Associates III, Denver, (303) 534-4444,

“I find I am drawn to objects that are curvilinear, such as this hand-hewn and buffed Colorado stone bowl with unfinished edges, a gift from my Associates III team.”“Wherever  I travel, I am always attracted
to the natural beauty of seeds and pods.” 

“This Corbin bronze woman is from a statuette group that I picked out for my staff for holiday gifts. Each team member chose the one that attracted and inspired her. This one chose me as she is natural, peaceful, authentic and grounded.”“For the last 10 years, we have worked four 10-hour days each week, so I reserve Fridays for my very favorite thing: Foster, my 15-month-old grandson.”

“My grandmother was an entrepreneur, and in 1910 she started a salmon canning company in a little village in Norway. This is the scale she used to weigh the salmon.”

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