Arader Gallery

From pioneers to boom towns, Colorado has a colorful past. Arader Gallery, which recently opened in Cherry Creek North, hopes to bring this past into the present, offering exceptional antique works on paper, as well as paintings and rare books.

Many of the pieces document American exploration into the frontier. During the 19th century, explorers set out to conquer the West and artists were asked to document their findings. Maps and paintings exposed Americans to the majestic beauty of the Rocky Mountains. More than a century later these works have not only become collector’s items, but also serve as windows into our region’s history.

The collection at Arader Gallery includes many works from this time period, including images by renowned ornithologist John James Audubon. His “Rocky Mountain Sheep” captures the essence of Colorado wildlife, while George Catlin’s “Buffalo Hunt” images evoke Native American life on the plains. Also included are early maps of Colorado and some of the first views of Blackhawk and Central City.

Gallery director and Colorado native Beshka Justiss is very proud of the collection. “Not only is the historical value magnificent, the level of artisanship proves equally valuable,” she says. Justiss worked for Arader Galleries in San Francisco, but when presented with the option of opening a branch in Denver, she was ecstatic about a homecoming.

“Denver’s level of culture has grown dramatically over the past decade,” adds Justiss. “This, coupled with Colorado’s great history, makes it an opportune location.”

The gallery assists collectors who want to acquire “historically significant, valuable and beautiful works” and, as one of the newest guardians of Colorado’s past, will continue to ensure that the state’s history remains part of our present.

Arader Gallery, 275 Clayton St.
(303) 321-0113,

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