An Unbelievable Mountain Home Makeover

Bet you can’t tell where the original house ends and the addition begins

Before it received a mountain home makeover, this was the house that no one wanted. The 4,800-square-foot home was built around the year 1999—and decorated like it was 1985. The design was highly personalized to the previous owner, a car collector, and included two large garages (one with glass doors for easy Ferrari displays).

Upon moving in, the new owners were ready to reinvent the home and make it theirs.  Without a designated rec room, they decided to convert one of the garages into a decked-out man cave, complete with a bar, Ping Pong table, an industrial ceiling and walls of steel—the perfect place for parties and gatherings.

As time went on, the man cave became a hub of activity, highlighting a few issues with the layout—the owners and their guests either had to walk outside or walk through the other garage to get to their recreation mecca.

With a penchant for entertaining (and productivity), the owners realized more changes were called for: a way to connect the man cave to the rest of the house, a bigger family area, another dining space, a guest suite, and an office. What started out as a 1,200-square-foot addition morphed into 2,200 more square feet of a home to call their own.

And the best thing about the project? You can’t tell where the original house ends and the addition begins. The mountain-modern update is seamless from room to room—and from view to glorious view.

Kyle H. Webb, AIA is the principal at KH Webb Architects PC, a Vail, Colorado-based design and architecture firm. View their profile or reach Kyle at 970-477-2990.

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