An Often Overlooked Detail in Your Kitchen

Just because it’s one of the last design elements you choose doesn’t mean you can’t get it wrong

Just as one chooses jewelry and other accessories after assembling an outfit, cabinet hardware is one of the last details you and your designer will choose for your kitchen space—and it’s a lot more than meets the eye, literally. 

There is one big thing that people often overlook when choosing knobs and pulls for their cabinets, and it’s not about complementing the overall aesthetic or making a statement. In fact, it’s all about feel

The quality of certain cabinetry hardware can be difficult to determine without getting your hands on it. The feel and shape of different cabinetry knobs and pulls makes all the difference. Does it dig into your hand? Can you easily and comfortably access heavy drawers?

Many manufacturers make similar shapes and styles of hardware, but without feeling and seeing them first-hand, it truly can be a wild card. 

The kitchen is the entertainment hub of the home—don’t overlook these tactile details, especially when you and your loved ones will be using them daily. 

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