An Evening Under the Sea at the 2022 ASID Crystal Awards

On August 31, 2022, CH&L helped commemorate Colorado’s interior design industry

The 23rd annual ASID Crystal Awards returned on August 31, 2022, to commemorate Colorado’s interior design industry. Guests appeared in waves and dressed fitted for the sea-inspired theme at the Cable Center. Attendees celebrated the standout talent of those exceptional designers who are redefining excellence in interior design.

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Darla Worden, Loneta Viglotti, Scout Petersen, Colorado Homes & Lifestyles

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Gina D’Amore, Marilyn D’Amore, Jessia Robb, D’Amore Interiors

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Renee Bergstrom, Haven Designs, LLC

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Dan DeGrush, LeAnn Ostheimer, Lifescape Colorado

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Roberto Zamora, Gray Peterson, Moderno Porcelain Works; Colleen Miller, Stone Collection

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