All the Rage: Custom Vanities

Create your own oasis from which to greet the day

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As interior design evolves, the building industry sees many trends ebb and flow. Some focus on aesthetics, such as paint colors and wallpaper patterns, and some are architectural, focused on adding space and storage to a room.

Currently, the addition of vanity spaces is the hot ticket. Incorporating a vanity space into a room not only adds a focal point but also creates a designated place to complete daily routines and rituals.

Whether situated between the sinks in the bathroom, implemented into a primary closet design, or simply a piece of furniture, the vanity allows a small oasis from which to greet the day.


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Drawers: Incorporating drawers into the vanity allows for ample storage and keeps clutter off the countertop.

  • Use shallow (usually top) drawers for makeup. Group makeup items by type (eyeshadow, foundation, mascara, lipstick, etc.) and use dividers or plastic drawer organizers to keep like items together. This allows all items to be visible, making it more likely they will be used
  • Use drawer organizers to corral small items such as hair bands and bobby pins
  • Use deeper drawer organizers to corral hair products, lotions, skincare items, etc. Purchase drawer organizers or use a magazine holder to keep items from sliding around
  • Designate a drawer for hair tools (dryer, curling irons, etc.) Inserts specifically made to allow heated tools to cool are available or use Command hooks mounted to the sides of the drawer to hang tools

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Countertops: Keep the countertop clutter to a minimum to create a calming space.

  • Use the countertops to display a perfume collection or favorite photographs. This is a great space to express your individual personality
  • If the countertop is necessary for storage, use acrylic organizers to store makeup brushes or everyday cosmetics. The translucence of the acrylic keeps the vanity space from feeling too cluttered


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Good lighting is key for proper skin care regimens and makeup application. Choose bright, warm lighting—options include lighted mirrors or lighting routed into panels and shelves surrounding the vanity.


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If space is limited, choose a stool or pouf that can be tucked under the vanity. Otherwise, a chair can be a statement piece and typically offers a more comfortable setting while at the vanity.

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