A Parisian-Inspired Pop-Up Picnic

On June 4th, the first Denver Le Dîner en Blanc takes place at an undisclosed location
Diner En Blanc 1993 Paris Photo Pyramide Du Louvre

The 1993 Paris Le Dîner en Blanc outside of the Pyramide Du Louvre.

The Parisian-inspired event Le Dîner en Blanc is coming to Denver, but shh! It’s a secret. At an undisclosed location, guests of the picnic will gather dressed in all white in the tradition that began in Paris in 1988.

François Pasquier hosted the first Paris Le Dîner en Blanc. His reasoning behind the event was wanting to connect with old friends. Pasquier soon realized that because his old friends wanted to bring new friends, the number of attendees was too large for his own garden. Opting to move the event to a public space in Paris, he asked guests to dress in all white so they could easily spot each other. The group shared an alfresco meal and decided to make it a yearly tradition. Soon after, this celebration of friendship spread across Europe and then the world.


Diner En Blanc 2013 Paris Photo Olivier Boe Wwwolivierboecom 1 Deb

The 2013 Paris Le Dîner en Blanc. | Photo by Oliver Boe

Denver’s Le Dîner en Blanc host Amber Handby describes the event as “a combination of a sophisticated wine and food festival with the excitement of meeting new friends at a party.”

Diner En Blanc 2015 Vilnius Photo 7766

The 2015 Vilnius Le Dîner en Blanc.

For those wanting to attend, preparations are necessary. After registering, guests will need the following; a square folding table, two white chairs, a white picnic basket or bag, a gourmet meal for two, a white table cloth and napkins, cutler, dishware, glassware and a garbage bag. Wine and champagne are available for purchase in the e-store leading up to the event. For those wanting to purchase a gourmet meal instead, House & Howell Social will be catering. Handby recommends “bringing a cart like this one on Amazon to use at the event.” 

Diner En Blanc 2021 Washingtondc Photo Ericvitalephotography 38

The 2021 Washington D.C. Le Dîner en Blanc. | Photo by Eric Vitale Photography

In planning the Denver event, Handby attended the 2019 Los Angeles Le Dîner en Blanc. Since then, she’s been test riding trains and tasting charcuterie boards in preparation for the secret event of the summer.

Come rine or shine, the event will go on! “We’re so excited to share this incredible venue with our guests,” says Handby. “The views and energy of this venue are hard to keep a secret, but it’s been fascinating to see the excitement around the event.” 


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