A Gardening Gem

Browse the goods at Green Lady Gardens

Green Lady Gardens bills itself as a “Latin-Inspired Houseplant & Artisan Boutique”—which is exactly what made me want to seek out this little shop in the Art District on Santa Fe in Denver.

Now that I’ve been there, I get it. Owner Jessica Schutz offers handmade décor from Colorado-based artisans, plus art workshops. Schutz is also a master at helping her customers find a houseplant to match their skill level, light conditions and watering habits. If you’ve ever “killed” a plant, you just didn’t have the right one for the space you’re trying to decorate, the plant whisperer says. She also provides care cards for all her plants and sells a beautiful array of pottery, which makes up half of her inventory. “I’m obsessed with color,” she says. “I joke that the only reason I opened up a plant shop is so that I could sell Talavera Mexican pottery.”

Added bonuses: free parking in front of the shop, fair prices and superior customer service.

33 Santa Fe Drive, Denver

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