A Fireplace on the Front Range

The beauty of this vibrant outdoor space is rivaled only by its spectacular views of the foothills

Nestled into the rolling hills of Denver’s Front Range, this Lakewood home’s vibrant outdoor space is not only a refuge from the hustle and bustle of everyday life—it’s also a front-row seat to Colorado’s dynamic natural beauty. And just like the mountains of its backdrop, this design evolved over time, becoming a beacon of outdoor living and inviting its owners to soak in the views.

Over a decade ago, the home received an award from the Associated Landscape Contractors of Colorado for its innovative landscape design. Upon moving in, the current homeowners desired to update things and make it their own, so they reached out to the same landscape architect firm involved in the original design. The result is a lush, warm retreat that seemingly melts into its surroundings. 

Overgrown junipers and a weathered gazebo were removed, and existing stone walls were reworked. Many perennials had perished, and the gaps needed to be replenished. An all-season explosion of color was added to the mix: xeric plantings, like dogwoods and rabbitbrush, now line the perimeter of the lot, interwoven with grasses to create a sense of continuous flow into the site.

Closer in proximity to the house sit an inviting hot tub and patio space, surrounded by lively perennials: native gaillardias intermixed with yarrow, Russian sage, salvias, and some ground cover. 

A waterfall plays into a staircase along the side of the house, cascading into pockets and meandering around large granite boulders before culminating into a koi pond near the edge of the lot.

Patio seating was placed at the end of this stream, serving as an outlook where the homeowner admits he enjoys camping during clear summer nights.

Come wintertime, carefully placed ornamental grasses and evergreens maintain interest and warmth, as does the yard’s showstopper: a grand outdoor fireplace and seating area, thoughtfully crafted and curved to complement, instead of hinder, the views. The warm, intimate setting—amid a powerful and dynamic backdrop—boasts the perfect spot for drinks by the fire no matter the season. The only thing more enjoyable than the sounds of a crackling fire and a cascading waterfall is the laughter of the owners’ friends and family, as they entertain in all seasons.

Joshua Ruppert is a Senior Designer for Lifescape Colorado, a Denver-based landscape architecture, construction, and maintenance firm. View their profile or reach one of Lifescape’s trusted professionals at 303-831-8310.

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