A Curated Interior Design Shop Opens in Denver’s Park Hill Neighborhood

Kyndred welcomes customers to its new, in-store shopping experience
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Kyndred’s co-owners, Kyndra and Larry Georgeson say that opening their new shop is the realization of a “long-held dream.” The shop is located in Park Hill, Larry’s childhood neighborhood, and is filled with unique items for every room in a home. “We carry blankets, pillows, trays, kitchen items, gifts for adults and children—just about everything you can think of,” exclaims Kyndra. The Kyndred shop is regularly updated with new products, offering seasonal items and classic modern decor. 

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Kyndra is the lead designer of Kyndred and says her passion for interior design began at an early age. “As a child, I would rearrange my bedroom and found I loved the process of blending objects, textures and colors in the room to fit the way I felt.” This desire to “create spaces” grew stronger and, ultimately, became her career. Her love for helping people find pretty things is her passion and motivation. “A person’s home describes the places they’ve visited, the people they’ve loved, and the moments they’ve enjoyed and absorbed,” she says. “Everything is woven together in a palette of personal expression.”

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As an online retailer, Kyndred achieved great success during the pandemic lockdown when it just wasn’t feasible for people to shop away from home. Their online traffic provided the impetus for the Georgeson’s to take the plunge and open a shop where customers can experience, touch and feel, allowing them to coordinate items of all shapes, sizes and textures to curate the perfect aesthetic for their home or customize a gift for someone special. “Everything we carry online is available in the store,” says Kyndra, adding that there are additional stock items in-store not currently available on their website. 

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Kyndra selects the interior accessories and products found in the Kyndred shop and the website from quality manufacturers worldwide. The result is a combination of unique, artisanal pieces that create one-of-a-kind looks for the home. 

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For clients that need ideas and focus, Kyndred offers design services to help ensure that the look the client desires is achieved. Kyndra says, “The things closely tied and fiercely loved are the symbols of your tribe that surround you. Kyndred reflects the natural relationship between life, love and home.” The shop, Kyndra says, “is exactly what we’ve always wanted.”

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