6 Colorful Coaster Sets

Keep water stains at bay with these coasters

Highpoints Chilwich Copy

Petal Pressed Coasters, $9/set of six, chilewich.com

Highpoints Kirkland Copy

Open Sun Coasters, $21.95/set of four, Kirkland Museum of Fine & Decorative Art, kirkland-museum.myshopify.com

Highpoints Nieman Copy

Pedra Coasters by ANNA New York, $80/set of four, neimanmarcus.com

Highpoints Joanna Copy

Bright Stripe Coasters, $84/set of four, joannabuchanan.com

Highpoints Food52 Copy

Brass Ring Rubber Coaster Set, $90/set of four, food52.com

Highpoints Aernin Copy

Classic Croc Leather Coaster, $385/set of four, aerin.com

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