5 Garden Decor Trends for 2019

Out with the old and in with the new—these fashionable trends will take your outdoor living spaces to new heights.

As spring comes into full bloom, so should your garden and outdoor living area. Here are a handful of design elements to help give your al fresco spaces a facelift as the season changes. Move over, 2018 trends—we’re welcoming a new era of outdoor living design that’s fresh and clean.

1. Interior meets exterior

The industrial look combining materials of various textures is moving into the outdoor environment. Corten planters are now a viable option for urban settings, raw concrete finds its way into containers and copper is an accent for fountains.

2. Exterior meets interior

Plants are moving indoors and becoming an integral part of interior design. Tropical plants can spend the spring and summer on the patio and cozy up inside in beautiful pots during the cold months.

3. Gray is so 2018

Bolder colors and finishes add personality and interest to outdoor accessories. Typical earth tones found in cast stone fountains and containers have upgraded to powerful shades of darker hues.

4. Lightweight products

Keep life simple with lightweight products without sacrificing longevity or quality. Everything from outdoor furniture, containers, even fountains can now be found in materials that won’t break your back.

5. Strong, clean lines

As always, Colorado style tends to be simple and straightforward, a trend we’re seeing all over the country now. Minimal ornamentation and strong lines give you an easy architectural element.

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