5 Cozy Blankets for Winter

Bundle up in the chilly months with these socially responsible faux-fur blankets


When the front lawn is frosted with fresh snow, it’s time to grab a good book and a fuzzy blanket. Here’s a round up of the best throws to keep you toasty this season.


Screen Shot 2021 11 03 At 120520 Pm

The Marshmallow 2.0 Medium Faux Fur Throw Blanket by Unhide, Nordstrom, $195; nordstrom.com

Screen Shot 2021 11 17 At 25909 Pm

Tourance Rosebud Classic Throw Blanket in 12 colors, $150; tourance.com

Screen Shot 2021 11 03 At 120620 Pm

Mila Faux Fur Throw Blanket in champagne, by Peacock Alley, $375; peacockalley.com


Screen Shot 2021 11 03 At 120155 Pm

Screen Shot 2021 11 03 At 120012 Pm

Madison Park Sachi Oversized Faux Fur Throw in gray, $30.59; macys.com

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