40 Must-Have Kitchen Items

Our editor-at-large Rebecca Gart is a passionate (and skilled!) home cook, so we asked her to name her favorite kitchen accoutrements

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Mud Australia Dishware. We splurged for our 20th anniversary and upgraded our Crate & Barrel dishes to Mud Australia. The porcelain dinnerware is mix-and-match with color and can be used for both casual and formal meals.

Vitamix Professional Series 750. This beast handles smoothies, purées, soups and crushed ice. Commercial grade, major horsepower and never breaks down—and we use it every single day. $599

Nespresso Lattissima Plus. I love this espresso machine and everything it can do: foolproof espresso shots and superb lattes with foamed milk. $399

Tiger Rice Cooker. I went to a neighbor’s house for dinner once, and she made the fluffiest rice ever. She showed me her Tiger Rice Cooker, and I went home and ordered one immediately. $89

Food52 Moder Bread Box. This sleek bread box looks great on my countertop, and the bamboo lid doubles as a cutting board. $82

Oxo Good Grips Silicon Oven Mitt. Essential in my kitchen for protection—and it doesn’t get food-stained or burned like cloth mitts. $15.99

Sur La Table Kitchen Towels. Absorbent, soft and stylish, with a loop to hang on a hook. $15 for a set of three

Peugeot Elis Sense U-Select Pepper Mill. This easy-to-use electric pepper grinder is pricey but worth every penny. $91

Microplane Artisan Series Fine Zester. Comes in vibrant colors and is the ideal grater for lemon zest, garlic, ginger and hard cheeses. $9.95

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Hudson Grace Spalted Maple Bowl, 13″. We make a salad nightly, so my family just gave me the most beautiful bowl for Mother’s Day. It’s a piece of art. $195

Oxo Good Grips 12-inch Tongs with Nylon Heads. I don’t think I’ve ever made a meal without using tongs, so I can never have enough of these guys. $12.99

Epicurean Matte Black Chef Series Cutting Board. I like the groove for juice and seeds, plus the matte black finish is so stylish that I never put it away. $99

Food52 Five Two Airtight Silicone Lids. I didn’t know I needed these until I got them. Takes the place of annoying plastic wrap to cover bowls or pots. $40 for a set of five

Kitchenmade Measuring Cups. My favorite thing about these is the pouring lip. No spills whatsoever. $30.49 for a six-piece stackable set

Food Huggers Reusable Silicone Food Savers. These save tomatoes, lemons, butter and other foods by creating an airtight seal. And they are so pretty! $28 for a set of eight

Le Creuset Dutch Oven. I use this year-round for soups, stews and braising. Unlike nonstick pans, you can’t kill this thing. $360

Braun MQ725 Multiquick Hand Blender. This makes for smooth and luscious soups, tomato sauce and curries. Lots of power, great control, and it’s much easier to clean than a blender! $79 STAUB PERFECT PAN, 4.5 QUART. The most versatile pan I own. My new staple, and it will be treasured for years to come. $249

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Hester & Cook Paper Table Runner. I entertain a lot, so a paper runner under a buffet is low-commitment, and I don’t get upset if there are spills. $29

Ginko Japanese Butter Knife. A chic spreading tool that turns cold butter into curly, meltable strands. $30

Hiware Reusable Silicone Straws. My kids gave up plastic straws, so I invested in a set of these. $12 for a set of 12

Chef’s Planet Preptaxi. This stainless-steel food scoop is my go-to scraper for transferring chopped herbs, garlic, ginger and onion from the cutting board into the pan. $10

Crate & Barrel Acacia Salt Cellar. You can spend $5 or $50 for a salt container, but I like mine with a wide opening for sprinkling kosher salt. I keep it next to my stove-top and use it daily. $9.95

Chef’n Freshforce Citrus Juicer. Yep, another staple in my kitchen that I use almost every time I cook a meal. $25

Tablecraft Plastic Squeeze Bottles. We fill these bottles with olive oil, simple syrup, hot sauce and more. They make a wonderful drizzle. $4 each

Pols Potten Tumblers. For water, wine, juice, anything. Each glass is a different color and frosted with a 3-D effect in a zigzag pattern. I love the peonies tumblers, too. $109 for a set of six

Wolf 15″ Transitional Induction Cooktop. When we built our house five years ago, we put one of these next to my gas range. It boils water so much faster, and cleanup is a snap. $1,450

Sub-Zero 15″ Ice Maker. This fabulous machine produces ice cubes in the shape of bells (the company calls them octagonal-shaped). During the quarantine, our ice maker was a savior. $3,500

Instant Pot. This device has eliminated the need for soaking dried beans. It’s an all-in-one tool that lets me sauté or sear first and then add other ingredients for pressure cooking. Plus, it makes perfect quinoa. $99.95

Chilewich Placemats. Super easy to clean, large variety of styles to choose from, and extremely durable. $15

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Dash Mini Toaster Oven. This tiny oven is just the right size for toasting nuts, bagels and a few slices of bread, without taking up a massive amount of space. $24.99

West Elm Napkins. Truly, the workhorse in our kitchen. We use cloth napkins for every meal (even breakfast!), and these last for years. $14.99 for a set of four

Jean Dubost Laguiole Stainless-Steel Steak Knives. We are mostly a fish/ vegetarian household, but on the occasion that I make steak, these knives are both elegant and razorsharp. $99 for a set of four

Crate & Barrel Mini Chalkboard Stands. We like to assign seats at dinner parties to mix it up. These chalkboards work perfectly as place cards and can also be used to identify cheeses or other dishes. $12.95 for a set of six

Anthropologie Bowls. I’m a sucker for small bowls. I put them out for a pre-dinner snack with olives, dried fruit, cut veggies and nuts. $56 for a set of four

SoadStream. My husband is constantly trying to avoid single-use containers, so the SodaStream does the trick, while turning tap water into bubbly H20. $89

Nordic Ware Naturals Full-Sheet and Half-Sheet Pans. Everything goes on these sheet pans, from homemade granola to roasted potatoes to baked fish. $18–$29.99

Silpat. We use this reusable nonstick liner to make crisp pancetta, French macaroons, cookies, pizza. It has changed our baking for the better. $26.95

Shun Classic 8″ Chef Knife. I use a high-performance Japanese chef knife every day for everything. It is long-lasting; I never put it in the dishwasher, and I have it sharpened twice a year. $175

Magic Bullet 11-Piece Personal Blender. The cups and handles are great for a family on-the-go. Ideal for fluffy scrambled eggs. $39.99

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