3 Tile Trends for 2016

Do you know which two rooms are the most important spaces to design well in your home? That’s right: the kitchen and the master bath. What do these two rooms have in common? Tile.

If you’re planning a kitchen design upgrade or a master bathroom makeover, you’re going to want to stay up-to-date with these hot tiling trends in interior design, which were reported at the 2016 International Tile Show.


Porcelain tile is all the rage these days—and it’s not so much a trend as it is a reflection of the innovative technology that’s enabled porcelain to mimic natural materials or textiles. Italian and Spanish tile-makers in particular have been on the leading edge experimenting with truly fun tile designs—even printing to create a 3D effect on flat tile.


Large-format tile is also becoming increasingly popular in current home design trends. More and more people are looking to install 24×48 tile to create a sophisticated-yet-bold statement with their interior design.


We’ve noticed a resurgence of handmade materials that offer a high-end-yet-lived-in look. A home that incorporates tile with rough edges and seemingly hand-painted details gives off an earthy vibe—an organic, worldly look that expands the depth of visual impact.

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