3 Steps to an Organized Kitchen

It takes more than a gorgeous kitchen design to keep your cooking space polished. Organizing your kitchen is sure to streamline your culinary creativity, all while keeping your counters clutter-free.

Make your kitchen work for you with these three easy pointers.

Make the most of your drawers by using drawer organizers. Make sure that everything has a place—that way you always know where to look, and you don’t spend your time rummaging through a mess of kitchen gadgets to find your can-opener!

Waste sorting bins can help you contain the mess, separate your recycling, and even get a jump on that composting you’ve been meaning to do!

By using different-sized waste sorting bins, you can sort trash, plastics, light bulbs, batteries, composting materials, and anything else that needs to be disposed of.

Use rail systems and kitchen shelves to keep everything off your countertops. This will leave you with the space you need to prepare your meals, entertain your guests, or help your kids with their homework. As an added bonus, and a continuation of step one: Everything has a place!

BONUS TIP: Store all of your muffin tins, cookie sheets, and serving platters vertically using dividers. This ensures you can easily see and grab what you need without having to stack and unstack everything!

Ruth Dial is a furnishing consultant at IKEA Centennial, providing a range of home furnishing products that are affordable by combining function, quality, design, and value—always with sustainability in mind. You can contact Ruth at 064IKEABusiness@IKEA.com.

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