2022 Tile Trends, According to the Pros

The experts at Decorative Materials share this year's go-to tile designs
Byrd Stone Mosaic

Byrd, a waterjet stone mosaic shown in honed Cloud Nine and polished Allure with Primrose, Tulip, and Honeysuckle Glazed Basalto™, is part of the Femme & Function collection by New Ravenna.

Choosing tile for your home can seem like a daunting process—there are countless designs, styles, colors, shapes and textures.

From classic white subway tile to a fun, bright color or pattern, the styles are seemingly endless, which is why we were thrilled to sit down with our friends and experts at Decorative Materials to glean some insight into what tiles are in style for the new year.

If you’re planning a kitchen design upgrade or a master bathroom makeover in 2022, you’re going to want to stay up-to-date with these hot tiling trends in interior design.

Minnie Stone Mosaic

Minnie, a waterjet stone mosaic, shown in Primrose and Moonflower Glazed Basalto.

“We are seeing a plethora of fresh and fun mosaics these days, and we can’t get enough,” says Kirsten Schmit, President of Decorative Materials. “Part of the draw comes from the story of the tile or stone and the inspiration behind it…we find deeper connection by learning more.”

What else is hot this year? “Old styles are taking on a new, refreshed look in tile and stone,” Schmit says. “Your favorite classic looks are at the tip of your fingers…you can attain a timeless look without dating your design.”

Take a peek at some of the hottest tile trends for 2022.

Femme & Function

Edith Stone Mosaic

Edith, a waterjet stone mosaic shown in polished Ming Green, Lettuce Ming, Celeste, and Azure, is part of the Femme & Function collection by New Ravenna.

The couture mosaic collection was created to honor female artists throughout history.

Each mosaic pattern is based upon a trade to which women made significant contributions, like quilting, pottery, dyeing + textiles, embroidery and weaving.

The collection is a stunning example of delicate design on vibrant and durable volcanic stone.

Inspired by Pottery

Hannah Stone Mosaic

Hannah, a waterjet stone mosaic shown in honed Goldenrod Glazed Basalto™ with polished Cloud Nine and Travertine Noce, is part of the Femme & Function collection by New Ravenna.

The designs in this category are named for pioneering women in this field, from Native American artists to women who founded some of the country’s most prestigious pottery companies during the Arts and Crafts movement.

Inspired by Embroidery

Phoebe Stone Mosaic

Phoebe, a waterjet stone mosaic, shown in honed Dolomite and polished Kay’s Green.

The patterns in this category incorporate tumbled pieces, negative space and “stitched” lines to emulate the feel of embroidered goods. Patterns here, too, are named in honor of women artists, textiles workers and embroidery artists.

Inspired by Dyeing + Textiles

May Stone Mosaic

May, a waterjet stone mosaic, shown in polished Dolomite with Cornflower and Indigo Glazed Basalto.

Taking inspiration from many fabric arts including shibori indigo dyeing, batik textile art and printed Arts and Crafts textiles, these patterns are beautiful, bold and unique–just like the renowned fine artists for which they’re named.

Inspired by Weaving

Afi Stone Mosaic

Afi, a waterjet stone mosaic shown in honed Jerusalem Gold and polished Cloud Nine, is part of the Femme & Function collection by New Ravenna.

The arts of basket weaving, cane weaving, rug making and latticework takes center stage in the inspiration for these intricate tile designs. The names are from Native American, African and African American basket and quilting artists.


Decmat Lafruita Mix Kitchen 3

La Fruita mix

The Kuju Collection is sure to turn heads with bright colors and playful patterns to make a statement in any space. The versatile collection will inspire your creative side, with three patterns that can be arranged in a multitude of ways.

An asymmetrical motif gives the cement tiles a quirky and whimsical aesthetic.

Linda’s Garden

Gracie Linda's Garden 12"glass Mosaic

Gracie Linda’s Garden 12″, a hand-cut jewel glass mosaic, shown in jewel Agate, Amber, Citrine, Peridot, Alexandrite, Jade, Schist, Lavastone, Tourmaline, Labradorite, Zircon, Jasper, Champagne, Opal, and Moonstone with Sea Glass™ Serpentine. Design by Gracie Wallpaper.

For more than 120 years, the Gracie family has united the past and present with their highly regarded wallpaper designs.

The extraordinary patterns of Gracie Wallpaper grace the walls of some of the most notable buildings in the world, including the White House.

The esteemed company has partnered with New Ravenna to journey into the world of kitchen and bath.

Souvenirs d’été


Designed and developed during the pandemic, Elisa Passino’s newest line was created to bring a touch of summer to your space year-round.

The collection celebrates warm shades and ocean colors, with a glossy effect meant to remind you of waves crashing on the shore.

Art Deco

Art Deco 01

Black Spritz | Black Negroni

During its heyday, Art Deco represented luxury, glamour, exuberance and faith in social and technological progress. The patterns in this collection are characterized by precise and boldly delineated geometric shapes and strong colors.

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