2 Rules Every Home Buyer Should Know About Working From Home

Advice from the experts at Denver's Slate Real Estate Advisors
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It may be a long time before we truly understand the impacts of the pandemic on everyday life, but one shift is already undeniable—more Americans will be working from home, far more often. This is particularly true for the type of knowledge-based workers that are driving the strong Denver real estate market today.

In a world where the lines between home and work are increasingly blurred, how do you set yourself up for success when working from home?

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Here are two unwavering rules for success in this new world of working from home:

1. Maintain Physical Boundaries

In an article in the Harvard Business Review, authors Laura M. Giurge and Vanessa K. Bohns note the importance of a designated “workspace” in your home. It’s vital to create and maintain physical separation between your work life and personal life, even if they are happening under the same roof. While you may no longer have a morning commute, put on your work clothes and take a walk around your neighborhood or your home. This activity will help signify that you’re changing from your ‘home you’ to your ‘work you.’

2. Get Out

Take breaks during the workday and get out of your physical space for a walk or a cup of coffee. “Fresh air and a little Vitamin D do wonders for your mental health and productivity,” says lifestyle and wellness blogger Brittany Mullins, and “take an actual lunch break! Close down your computer and take your usual lunch break.”

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Remote work is already a major driving factor for home sales this summer. “It is one of the first questions on everyone’s list,” says Stan Kniss of Slate Real Estate Advisors, who represents the The Edge LoHi, a stylish new condominium development that recently completed construction on Central Street in Denver.

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“Our designers were adamant about this long before anyone had heard of Covid-19,” he says. “We made it a design imperative to be able to have physical separation between living spaces and home offices. A lot of creative people have been working from home for a long time and it was a nice feature for many buyers” says Kniss, “but now it is an absolute necessity.”

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Another factor driving the success of areas such as LoHi is its vibrant community and food scene. “Buyers’ demands are changing and they are recognizing the importance of neighborhood, with everything at the fingertips” says Kniss. “A walk across the Highland Bridge and you’re straight into Commons Park and right into the Downtown area,” he says.

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Kniss is such a fan of both LoHi and the Edge project that he will be relocating Slate’s headquarters to the Edge later this year. “It’s a great neighborhood for balancing work and play,” he notes.

The norms are changing and things may never go back to how they were before. The pandemic is reshaping how we define work and home. Properties that are able to combine the best of both are more practically livable and are more likely to become increasingly valuable in the post-Covid economy.

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Find more information about The Edge LoHi at EdgeLohi.com or by calling 303-309-9494. Check out what’s new with The Edge LoHi on Instagram and Facebook.

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