15th Annual DAM Uncorked was a Smashing Success

On the weekend of April 10th, the Denver Art Museum kicked off its 15th annual Uncorked Wine Tasting, a delicious sampling of wine, beer, bites and live music. Colorado Homes & Lifestyles was more than happy to partake. And we weren't the only ones—not by a long shot! 

Nine-hundred people turned up for the Wine Tasting on Friday, sampling over 300 wines, with helpful guides ready at a moment's notice to pour the tastings and answer any questions.

And about 375 guests attended the Uncorked Reserve on Saturday, the museum's annual spring fundraising event, led by chairs Tricia Youssi and Virginia Reiman, that pairs world-class art with fine wine and raises funds to support the museum's leading-edge exhibitions and programming. This year, the Uncorked Reserve raised $565,000—the third-highest dollar amount in Uncorked's 15-year history.

(above) Denver Art Museum Chairman-of-the-Board Lanny Martin and wife Sharon

(above) Mike Passmore, Kate Paul, and DAM Director Christoph Henrich

(above) Chairs Tricia Youssi and Virginia Reiman

(above) Gail Folwell and Renee Duncan

(above) Solveig and Rob Lawrence

(above) Steve Perfrement, Donna Bloomer, Jessica and Chris Brown

(above) Stephen and Kelleen Finn

(above)  Uncorked Reserve 2015 Ponti Hall

(above) Randi and Barclay Miller

(above) Chairs Tricia Youssi and Virginia Reiman with husbands Patrick Youssi and Scott Reiman

Colorado Homes & Lifestyles is a proud sponsor of DAM Uncorked. We highly recommend that you put this on your list of events to attend next year!