10 Tips for Hosting an Event at Your Home

Be the hostess of the year!

Planning to host a party in your own home? Whether you are coordinating a special anniversary, holiday party, or a local fundraiser, skip the stress and take a look at these tips to make your party planning a success.

Catering companies and event planners specialize in coordinating the details, like helping transform any space into a spectacular event space while you, as the host, can sit back, relax, and focus on being the host. An event in your home can be as simple or as extravagant as you want it to be. It’s your prerogative! We checked in with catering gurus Bistro Boys Catering for some advice.

1. Establish times early in the process, and consider the difference in sunset times per season.

2. Reserve a parking area or check with your neighbors about available parking.

3. Check with your HOA about permissions or even a clubhouse rental if you prefer to have the event close to home, but not actually in your home.

4. Consider the weather. With the fall/winter seasons, the weather is an important factor. But there are many ways to ensure an outdoor event goes smoothly, including tent rentals, heaters, and sub floors. 

5. If your event is outside, make sure you have all of the outdoor lighting you need to avoid partying in the dark.

6. Schedule a tour with your caterer and event planner so they can determine what will work for your house, customize the menu and the decor for the space, and suggest ways of offering the food (passed, stations, buffet, plated, or a mix of all of these).

7. Don’t assume your home is too small or too large for your event. Ask your caterer for ways to customize the space; a kitchen island can become a risotto action station or a cold seafood station, and a downstairs buffet can become a full bar. A patio can be transformed into the central area for guests in summer and in winter with a covered, heated tent.

8. Don’t forget about your garage. If you want to use your kitchen to serve or display the food, your garage is an acceptable option for the caterer to prep and cook the food. That way you can utilize more of your inside space for your guests to mingle and enjoy.

9. Your caterer or event planner can help with more than you think: from taking coats and handing out beverages as guests arrive, to setting up interactive food stations, dining areas, guest takeaways at the end of the night, and more.

10. Use your new resource! Your caterer or event planner should be connected with various vendors you can use, from florists to entertainers and valet services. Don’t hesitate to ask for their advice.

With these helpful hints, your home will be party-ready in no time! SaveSave

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