You’ve Heard of Minimalism, But How About Maximalism?

Maximalism is trending, and for those who ascribe to this brand of organized chaos, more is definitely more.

Simple Scandinavian-inspired design and anti-clutter movements like Marie Kondo’s best-selling book The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up have taken the world by storm. This popular interior design style is defined by clean lines, muted palettes and a highly curated selection of fixtures and furnishings.

But what about bold color, tons of texture, contrasting patterns and whimsical accents? Enthusiasts of the “more is more” philosophy need not despair; maximalism is having a moment of its own.

This brand of organized chaos is moving into the mainstream, allowing designers and homeowners to infuse interest and personality into the rooms they call home. From city high rises to mountain retreats, maximalism has been touted as a more free-spirited way to design, and we’re breaking down the decor choices that are at the heart of this over-the-top trend.

The drama of contrast

Maximalists don’t ascribe to the notion that one contrasting element or one pop of bright color is enough to set off a room. Color and texture go hand-in-hand, with circular and straight lines, mixed finishes and unexpected hues coexisting in imperfect harmony. 

Transformative design

Maximalists know how to choose emotional decor elements—features that tell a story and transport you to a different time or place. Whether it’s resort-style decor that brings you to the jungle, a one-way ticket to a Parisian flea market or a mid-century den with Mad Men vibes, maximalism is about unique experiences.

Whimsy is welcome 

Maximalism is less about design rules and more about what makes you feel inspired and unique. Unusual pieces like this banana plant chandelier against tropical wallpaper make this room eclectic and one-of-a-kind. Individuality reigns supreme (complete with monkeys hidden in the wallpaper).

Matching is overrated 

Maximalism certainly doesn’t adhere to traditional color-matching constraints. Green and orange can be friends, and busy patterns play the lead rather than the supporting role. Styles can mix and mingle, from art-deco to farmhouse to coastal cottage. It’s all about expression and staying true to your personal style.

Whether you’re ready to go all-in on maximalism or you’re simply interested in adding elements of whimsy and personality to your space, this bold design trend offers inspiration for making your home a transformative space to truly call your own.

Pat Bogdovitz is Sales Manager with ClearOvations, a New Mexico- and Colorado-based company specializing in Marvin window replacement and new construction.

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