What’s Hot in Window and Door Trends

Contemporary designs are focusing on more light, less window, bold colors and a clean, squared line

Contemporary home design is a strong preference among homeowners these days, and for good reason. The style is light, bright and open, encouraging seamless transitions between living spaces both inside and out. 

Because of this leaning toward simplicity and transparency, specialty doors and windows are not to be ignored. These features can literally open entire walls to the outdoors.  Here in Colorado—with views and sunshine for days—this type of indoor-outdoor connection is the ultimate luxury.

Here are three window and door trends bringing light and life to contemporary Colorado homes.

1. Large and in charge.

Charles Davis Smith – AIA & Matt Fajkus Architecture

Huge expanses of floor-to-ceiling glass are often the starting point in contemporary home style, capitalizing on unobstructed mountain views and natural light. Among the hottest trends in Colorado homes are entire window-walls that extend interior living spaces to outdoor retreats—by way of massive bi-fold, multi-slide, and lift-and-slide systems.

2. The straight and narrow.

Lara Swimmer Photography

Think “more light, less window.” Among the contemporary style must-haves: straight lines; narrow stiles, rails and sashes; fixed windows with narrow frames; corner beads; and squared lines of window and door profiles, grilles and hardware. When your goal is to invite the outdoors in, you want windows that disappear with the grace of the morning mist as it burns away to day.

3. Black is back.

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The contemporary movement has brought bold features into the mix when it comes to windows and door design. Black interiors and exteriors, as well as black-on-black hardware, are the biggest trends so far. The result is a stunning statement for any contemporary home design.

Penny Goodpaster is the Colorado Regional Manager for Sierra Pacific Windows, a company that provides strikingly innovative windows and doors, crafted with time-tested attention to detail. View their profile or contact Penny at 303.465.4676.

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