This His-and-Hers Closet Is All About Order

With designated spaces for all the little things, this closet design is a master class in organization.

When it came time for these homeowners to overhaul their master closet, two items were at the top of the agenda: a space dedicated to his and her clothing, and a space solely devoted to her shoes and purses. The final product is a walk-in closet where every square inch is maximized horizontally and vertically, and where every accessory, down to each individual tie and piece of jewelry, has a home.

The closet’s built-in organization system boasts a Tuscan Moon finish with graphite hardware, setting the elegant-yet-neutral stage for displaying the couple’s wardrobe within easy reach. A center island, along with an attached bench, creates a convenient spot for arranging accessories and sitting to put shoes on. A cubby backsplash to the bench is devoted to the husband’s favorite accessories: ties.

A Wine X rack was implemented for the wife’s scarf collection. Since scarves can be bulky and difficult to score—and many people own more scarves than they realize or know what to do with—this X-shaped organization space allows each scarf to be rolled up in a similar shape to a wine bottle. Not only does it create a focal point to the space, but it also serves as a functional way to store and access her scarves. It’s also used as a way to display the husband’s hats.

The wife’s favorite feature in her closet is the full, double-layered jewelry drawer, where she can see everything at once and each piece of jewelry has its own organized compartment.

The sleek glass cabinets above were specifically designed to store infrequently used but cherished items. The top-hinged door keeps the dust at bay, and the glass allows for taking easy inventory of what is being stored. It also keeps the space feeling light and airy, as most closets do not have windows.

The purse and shoe closet goes against the traditional approach to storing handbags—displaying them horizontally—and instead, stores the wife’s purses vertically in narrow cubbies. This maximizes the storage space and makes it easy to select which handbag to use based on its profile. Smaller cubbies are used for clutches and evening bags.

Whether they’re getting ready for a nice time out on the town, or settling in for a relaxed evening at home, this couple now has the perfect space to center their thoughts and find the best options, and feel like royalty in the process.


CLOSET DESIGN Tatiana Demoraes, California Closets

Tatiana Demoraes is a Design Consultant with California Closets, a Denver-based company that specializes in creating custom storage systems for your bedroom closets, home office, entryway, garage, pantry and more. 

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