The New Sorority Chic

A Boulder interior designer uses color, pattern and textures in this sorority house redesign

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A Boulder interior designer was tasked with redesigning the home for the Delta Delta Delta sorority at the University of Colorado Boulder.

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The result? A fresh take on sorority living, featuring color, pattern, textures and sophisticated fun.

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Initially hesitant to take on the task of this major redesign, Donna Pocci, founder and owner of Pocci Design Group, was swayed by the sheer enthusiasm from the Tri Delta sorority board and members.

“I knew the project would be a challenge but the whole team wanted to take it on,” says Pocci. “Their positive energy was infectious.”

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So often, commercial design jobs are strictly about budgets, deadlines and the bottom line. But creatively collaborating, and sharing a vision with the board and current and former members of the sorority was refreshing for Pocci and her team.

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First constructed in 1927, the historic home is nestled in the famous University Hill neighborhood, also referred to as “the hill” on and around campus.

“The redesign was inspired by history of the building and the sorority tradition,” says Pocci. “Then, with the members’ more modern vision, the design took on a life of its own.”

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From fancy and feminine chandeliers and bright, patterned fabric to modern window coverings, pillows and accessories, the new Delta Delta Delta house is fresh and inviting.

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In addition to redesigning the library, living areas and dining room, Pocci and team renovated the original triangle-shaped chapter room in the basement and transformed it into a craft room.

Pocci expertly blends aesthetic and function in this historic sorority home, which now reflects its residents—modern collegiate women who themselves effortlessly blend sophistication, style and fun.

INTERIOR DESIGN Pocci Design Group DESIGN CONSULTANTS Jody Price, Vic Jannatpour, Kathy McCarty Johnson and members of Delta Delta Delta at the University of Colorado Boulder

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