The Materials Guide: Tile

“We’re bringing in several new series with 12-inch by 48-inch planks,” says CAPCO’s Vicki Peterson of this year’s go-big trend. “We just received new colors in our 5-foot by 10-foot porcelain slabs.” Margot Hampleman, president of Decorative Materials, explains that porcelain is a popular choice because the tiles look like natural surfaces.

Other trends these two tile mavens cite are mixed materials, textured stones, and three-dimensional tile. Wood and fabric patterns are even starting to be mimicked in tile. As technology enables the industry to become more and more innovative, people are able to incorporate tile that is exciting and complex but maintains a natural look. “If you can imagine it,” says Hampleman, “we can make it.”

1. CHAIN HOMME TILE (Cool Geometrics pattern, above) in Claypot by Fireclay Tile, $57.50/square foot; Everitt and Schilling Company, Windsor; Star Flooring and Design, Boulder; Decorative Materials, Denver


Tile that imitates wood

2. BARN WOOD PORCELAIN TILE by Dom Ceramiche, 3″ x 4″, price varies by size; CAPCO Tile, Denver


A fabric pattern recreated

3. FOLIAGE GRANDE MOSAIC by Artistic Tile, available in three color combinations, 12 3⁄5″ x 12 3⁄5″ per sheet, $130.39-$192/square foot; Decorative Materials, Denver

“Large-format is the new standard.” — Vicki Peterson

Large-format porcelain

4. SABBIA GOBI GREY TILE by Zero Design, available in three colors, 18″ x 36″ or 24″ x 48″, $11.77/square foot; Decorative Materials, Denver


Handmade in Louisville

5. DAMASK TILE by Julep Tile Company, available in 35 glaze colors, 7¼” x 5½”, $109.67/square foot; Decorative Materials, Denver


Decorative accent

6. LATTICE TILE by Stone Impressions, available in nine stone types, $180-$200/square foot; KB Studio, Boulder; DSKB Plumbing and Tile, Denver

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