The Materials Guide: Fixtures and Finishes

"One of the more exciting trends in fixtures is the regression from cool stainless finishes to many variations of warmer metals,” says kitchen designer Angela Otten of William Ohs. Finishes like brushed brass, rose gold, and brushed gold are popping up everywhere. Mixing metals is also trendy, creating a combination of cool and warm that brings together irons, brasses, and nickels.

Another trend Otten mentions is the emergence of new shapes in fixtures, which use simple lines to create artistic designs. And while sleek sinks and showers are guaranteed to impress, don’t forget to pay attention to every last detail. “One unique fixture that no one really thinks about is a shower drain,” says Otten. “It is typically the most boring, utilitarian piece that goes into a bathroom suite. I love adding an element of surprise with a decorative drain.”

1. HARMONY OVAL BATH (Sleek Simplicity, above) by Kelly Hoppen for Apaiser, starts at about $11,170


Modern angles

2. LOURE DECK-MOUNT HIGH-FLOW BATH FAUCET by Kohler, solid brass, $1,150.95; Dahl, Denver; Solutions, Arvada; Flatirons Kitchen and Bath, Boulder; Ferguson, Aurora


Refined texture

3. ORIGAMI BATH by Kelly Hoppen for Apaiser, starts at about $10,420

“Simple lines are key to both transitional and contemporary fixture designs.” — Angela Otten, William Ohs

Warmer metals, steering wheel fixtures

4. BROOKLYN SHOWER by Watermark Designs, starts at $1,310; DSKB Plumbing and Tile, Denver; KB Studio, Boulder; Ultra Design Center, Denver


Designer drainage

5. DECORATIVE SHOWER DRAIN by Newport Brass, $199; Dahl, Denver; Water Systems, Denver; Ultra Design Center, Denver


Sculptural lines

6. LUDLOW ICON TWO WAY DIVERTER VALVE TRIM by Waterworks, starts at $385; Colorado Waterworks Showroom, Denver

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