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A look at our 2021 Home of the Year + a few things I'm loving right now

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I often struggle with our Home of the Year issue. We see so many designs worthy of celebration, and we’d like to award them all. But then, thankfully, there’s one that jumps out and reels us in.

This year it was a Chalet Colorado masterpiece from Architectural Designer John Mattingly and Interior Designer Regan Mattingly. A two-years-in-the-making Old World-meets-modern amenities, 5,000-square-foot Hilltop Tudor that is a straight-up jolt of the refreshing—simultaneously regal and casual. It’s also chock full of amazing angles, unusual surprises, and all-around gorgeousness. So yeah, we love it.

We also love our two finalists: The first, a multi-generational mountain retreat designed by Rowland & Broughton: It shows everything they do so well—clean lines, unfussy elegance, and view-filled serenity.

The second is a family home in South Denver. This collaboration between Architect Pat Cashen and Interior Designer Beth Armijo has created a home for a loving and lovely family that wanted to make sure the unique needs of their daughter were addressed throughout.

Congrats and thanks to all.

Since my first day at the magazine, we have highlighted Colorado artists because (a) we love artists, and (b) we know that great houses need beautiful art. Art can elevate design or condemn it to the Hall of Disappointment. In this issue, we feature art in multiple ways—accessories that are works of art, small pieces that speak volumes, and an in-depth look at the encaustic painting of Annie Decamp.

Denver Art Consultant Ann Benson Reidy, who selected the art in this year’s Home of the Year, offers a few tips on what to think about when purchasing works for your walls.

Save yourself the trip to Sante Fe, and shop local. You won’t be disappointed.


Early on at CH&L, I had a bit of a disagreement with an art person who scoffed when I mentioned including pieces from IKEA. Objection, overruled.

My IKEA love remains strong, because all great designers know how to mix and merge the dear with the very affordable in ways that are both cool and practical. I was so happy to get out and shop again that I made an IKEA run and came home with three items under $8, and I already have ordered more to give to friends.

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This green FNITTRIG plant pot (4 ¾”, $7.99) is the perfect two-tone and shape. We like the green on green, but some backyard flowers would make an equally amazing still life.

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This IKEA PS 202 watering can (41 oz., $1.99) caught my eye because it’s a knockout in color and shape, and we have flowers in pots all over that scream for frequent dousing. As soon as I got home, my husband insisted that we order another one for serving tropical cocktails. Naturally, it’s on its way.

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These blue GALLRA placemats (17 ¾” x 13”, $3) have a Chilewich feel and need only to be sprayed down for cleaning. They also up your dining table ante inside and out.

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