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4 ways to incorporate mountain modern style in your Colorado home using antlers
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Photos courtesy of The Peak Antler Company

Hand crafted, one-of-a-kind artwork and furniture have become increasingly popular in mountain modern design. From blown glass to hammer forged steel and custom woodwork—all have found their way into mountain homes.

One element that has been considered “traditional” for decades but is trending more modern in recent times is shed antlers. Antler art has been around for more than one hundred years, but now those traditional designs are making a comeback with a modern twist.

No two antlers are alike—every curve and bend is unique to that animal—making them a perfect material for one-of-kind chandeliers, furniture, wall art and sculptures.

Here are 4 ways to incorporate mountain modern style in your Colorado home using antlers, whether you live in a downtown loft or a slope-side retreat.

1. Lighting and chandeliers

For a more modern design, look for shapes and colors (such as a gray wash finish) that depart from the traditional style, and can act as a stand-alone art piece in the room. Industrial elements such as natural wood, hammer forge steel bands and Edison bulbs can add a modern flair that is tasteful and unique.

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2. Wall art and sculptures

A mirror, artwork or sculpture made from shed antlers can provide a dramatic focal point among the simplicity of mountain modern design. One piece of quality sculpted art can make all the difference in your home.

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3. Furnishings

Functional pieces—such as a sofa table—that are made with shed antlers can take on a modern look when they incorporate elements like a bevel glass top. The unique curves of each antler can be viewed looking down through the glass and from different angles throughout the room.

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4. Custom antler designs

Never be afraid to ask for a custom design to add a unique piece to your home. It is a wonderful opportunity to showcase your personality, ensuring you will enjoy it for a lifetime.

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Jeff Musgrave is the founder, owner, and artisan of The Peak Antler Company, a Colorado-based company that’s been creating original custom antler chandeliers, western art furniture and home accessories for over twenty years. View their profile or contact Jeff at 719-641-8844.

Content for this article provided by The Peak Antler Company.

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