The #1 Oversight When Designing a New House

There’s a provider you’re going to be virtually married to when building your home. Do you know who it is?

You may think that the most important person involved in designing a new home is your architect, builder, or interior designer. While it’s imperative that you strongly vet these professionals and feel aligned with their vision and expertise, there is another area of home design we’re willing to bet you’re either overlooking or waiting until way too far down the road to factor in.

We’re talking about your home’s technology provider. Poorly designed and installed electronic systems are one of the top reasons home-tech professionals are called to remodel a space—these design flubs are not only high-cost but in some cases, they can be a literal pain in the neck.

Here are some examples of poorly executed home technology that could have been avoided had a home-tech expert been involved in the design from the first moment the pencil hit the draft paper:

You realize after installing a gorgeous statement ceiling material that you wanted to install speakers into the ceiling.

You incorporated large windows to maximize mountain views, but you overlooked the heat the southwestern-facing pane invites into your living space and didn’t opt for automated window shades. Now you’ve got a sun-bleached Persian rug and hardwood floor, or you’re running your air conditioner in the middle of January.

You designed for window treatments purely for aesthetics before you realized you care about energy conservation.

You’ve designed built-in shelves and cabinets before accounting for the size of various electronics you want to enjoy.

Your radiant heat requires more access points. Now you’ve got one thermostat for heat, another for cooling, and before you know it, there are five not-so-pretty gadgets added to your wall.

You were excited about a focal-point fireplace with a TV hung above it, but the reality is that you’re sitting 12 feet away from a TV that’s 9 feet high. Ouch. This goes for in-home gyms and master suites, too. There’s a reason hotel rooms always have a TV directly across from the bed—viewing your favorite show from any other angle is bound to hurt by the time the credits roll.

All of these design issues could’ve been resolved with a five-minute phone call with your technology provider. Just saying.

Daniel Stern is the president and CEO of Denver-based Aurum Home Technology, which brings elegance and uncompromising quality to state-of-the-art home technology.

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